About Us

Like many other handmade jewelry businesses, Nyuki started as a hobby when founder, Nike Nadal, suddenly found a lot of time on her hands staying at home during her first pregnancy. With her eye for design and passion for craftsmanship, what began as just a collection of unique beads and yarns blossomed into this creative business that now offers unique, small-batch handmade jewelry and accessory designs both online and in stores in Metro Manila.

What We Do

Nyuki + Co. is really just about creating and finding something that'll make your day a little bit brighter, prettier and happier. Our collections are always thoughtfully curated, and our own designs even more painstakingly and lovingly handcrafted to bring you pieces that are truly unique and special. It is our goal that, when you receive anything from us, you'll feel inspired to appreciate and celebrate the small but beautiful things in your day and in your life.

Meet the Maker

Hi There! My name is Nike, and I'm the owner and creative director of Nyuki + Co.  Thanks so much for being here!

Here are a few things about me:
  • I'm a wife, a homemaker, a stay/work-from-home mom of 3, based in Manila.
  • I took Landscape Architecture in college, but never really practiced the profession.
  • I love and live in color-- wearing gray/black 3 days in a row negatively affects my mood.
  • Coffee sustains me.
  • I learned crochet from my mom. I'm more a freehand-crocheter, though.